we take the health and wellbeing 0f our guests extremely seriously
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making our menu accessible

As well as having our meals nutritionally tested in a UKAS Accredited Laboratory, we work closely with suppliers to select ingredients to make our menu as accessible as possible. Download our Allergen Guide for help in avoiding any of the 14 Major allergens when dining with us. We always encourage our guests to discuss any dietary requirements with a member of our management team.

What is Gluten Free?

Gluten Free means a meal contains less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Any more than this, and the meal many cause a guest with Coeliac Disease of Gluten Intolerance to have a reaction.

We take this very seriously and work closely with Coeliac UK, the NFFF and our trusted suppliers to offer the highest quality Gluten Free meals safely. Some of our restaurants have even been independently audited by Coeliac UK to ensure they achieve this high standard (to view our GF Accreditation Certificate please Click Here).

We don’t just offer gluten free meals once a month – we offer Gluten Free Fish & Chips every day. Every one of our Gluten Free meals are prepared in a separate area, with separate frying range, utensils and chefs to ensure the highest level of safety and lowest chance of cross contamination.


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